Writing the Intimate Reaction

It has been a while since I uploaded a blog post and this one came out of the process of editing my second book in the Factionist Series. The topic may be full of “spice” but it isn’t meant to spark anything more than a discussion on the emotional make up of people. I can […]

Mental Health Update

We all encounter those tough days when the world feels a bit heavier, and our mental health takes a toll. It’s essential to remember that during these challenging moments, you’re never alone. Life’s rollercoaster includes ups and downs, but it is important to remember that bad mental health days eventually will pass. What’s important is […]

A Spectacular Author Signing at Atomicon 2023!

In a great day of colorful costumes, captivating art, and boundless creativity, Los Alamos Library’s Atomicon 2023 proved to be an event to remember. Amongst the vendor booths and exhibits, our booth stood out, drawing new fans into the Factionist World. In addition to collecting lots of entries for our Kindle Give-A-Way we ended up […]

AI Avatar Book Narration

I came across a YT short that had a talking AI and it got me curious to investigate how to make this work for me as an author. As an author I am currently working with a narrator to put together my audio book and this is great, but I can’t help but wonder more […]

The Art of Creating Three-Dimensional Characters: Adding Depth to Your Storytelling

Writing interesting characters that draw in your readers is an accomplishment. Now what kind of accomplishment it is depends on how well you create a layered personality and motivation. I do not claim to be an expert, but my characters have gotten some love from readers. That love has mostly come from the emotional connection […]

The Factionist: Old Recruit

In the era of extreme climate change Mick is a menial laborer working for the Federal Tempest Corporation who just happens to be calling the shots in Dome city.  With only 15 million of the earth’s dwindling population allowed inside the dome he is lucky… or is he?… Not for long. When Mick receives an […]

G.S. Jennsen Review

“Edge of your seat reading. The first book in McHargue’s Factionist series keeps you guessing as the layers in this cyberpunk dystopia are peeled back and both you and the main character find out there is so much more to be revealed. A solid and intriguing start to what promises to be a new examination […]