Ryan A McHargue

AI Avatar Book Narration

I came across a YT short that had a talking AI and it got me curious to investigate how to make this work for me as an author. As an author I am currently working with a narrator to put together my audio book and this is great, but I can’t help but wonder more about the use of AI.

To start off I checked out one site that does these AI Avatars, D-ID.com. They had a free trial so I setup an account. The process was simple. You start by selecting the avatar you want from a decent selection. Then I just uploaded some audio from my narrator.

The generation process took about a minute at most for nearly 3 minutes’ worth of audio. The quality wasn’t bad, not great but not bad for a free trial.

I have uploaded the video to my TikTok for you to check out.


Not much of a big bad blog post but it is something I am playing around with.

Got an idea for a future post let me know in the comments.


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